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letra de curtains up – don michael jr.

[produced by don michael jr.]

road block after road block
feel like i’m supposed to stop but i don’t stop
i know we all take a fall don’t we?
but we’ll get back up and brush it off
won’t we?
now they all on me, n-body used to
call and now they all phony, that’s the irony. feel like i’m made of steal that’s the iron me
i can win and i will keep your eye on me
if i take a loss i’ll be right back
cuz it’s only really a loss of you don’t fight back
and i don’t plan on losing man i’m like that
my ship ain’t never sinking f-ck a life raft
lost my vision for a minute got my sight back
i’ll probably need a casket ‘fore i need a ice pack
my conscious like “keep going” cuz my
past already p-ssed but we’re living in the moment
and at the moment i don’t fit the mold
but y’all see the box they tried to fit me in is broke, mmm
you dealing with one of the best to ever do it
they may not admit the sh-t but they’d never dispute it
cuz they don’t to wanna get viewed as stupid
my fans always h-t me with love like cupid shooting
i rose (a rose, arose, arrows) out of the concrete thru the music
making this sh-t for me not realizing that you could use it
mmm, like i said this sh-t for me though
this for when interscope fired my dad and money problems got bad and we had to watch the cadillac get repo’d
we started from the bottom though so bottom feels like we home
made it to them lobsters and them t-bones
so if i buy a big gold chain don’t say that he wrong
just say he made a bad choice but let him get his way on
and realize you not from the same place that he from
staying at my g-moms, no cable tv all reruns
holding tree branches like guns behind tree trunks
toys were very limited, now look at that jacket my boy that’s very limited, there’s only like 10 of them
and as far as i go, there’s not even a synonym
please don’t mention him with them, that’s just like a sin to him
too good with the words no judge could out sentence him
do it for the love but don’t budge without benjamin
and that’s keeping it light. they be like “sir, he stole the show” that’s a thief in the night. but i don’t need no extra reasons to be in the light. cause them to have an episode when the season is light, they love me
give’em something to fall out over, a back drop for the opps to talk loud over, yea
i wish i could be excited like i used to be, but the game is moving without making sure it’s room for me
i’ll take my time, so be it then. everybody rushing (russian), everybody soviet then
i gave you quality over quant-ty now your year is up, y’all was running trash to the street like y’all could hear the truck
setting fake deadlines, i never got ya
why you give yourself deadlines to deliver product?
that’s like setting your own shot clock to get your shot up, then wondering why you take bad shots, or they always block ya
but what you do is no concern to us, my showtime is when the curtains up

- letras de don michael jr