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letra de break the chain - lupe fiasco


“break the chain”
(feat. eric turner & sway)

i waited all my life to play
i still can’t find a way
but if i work it one more day
i might just break the chain
i might just break the chain
i might just break the chain

[lupe fiasco – verse 1]
freedom, we can use some of that especially where we from
where we grew up like a green thumb
it’s like a criminal is the only thing you can become
look at what i became
something like a phenom, nothin’ but a g-thang
things i’ve seen when i’m looking out of these frames
pictures i painted on the walls where we hang
from the trees we hung
strange fruit man look at how we swung
how the h-ll you gonna tell us something
we ain’t have a father
how to try to grow up and be one
see umm feel it in my bones
that i’m sittin on a throne
like a killer with a chrome
when i spit another poem
shed a whole lot of light on a little bit of home


[sway – verse 2]
super swatter, the kid remains but i represent
i ain’t no paper planes. i’m fly
plus, i don’t write no more, sorta from the top
i’ll show you razor stay sharp
but i knew how to razor blade
i’ve paid my dues and now i wait for change
because the flows so rude
it goes without asking lupe
i’m so big, you aim to break
quick to cut off any baggage like some samurai, i like to travel light
i’ve gotta leave you at home delilah, this is samsonite
no case for the police
said i have seen killah’s, i aint never seen ’em
ghostface, only thing i’m watchin’ is my panerai
i’ve got an alibi, i was taking pics of chicago call me camera chi(shy)


[lupe fiasco – verse 3]
chain broke, pick up nicorete for your chain smoke
no cigarettes on my plane, yo
stunt your ham bones from the game’s throat
put it on mine, take a long time
b-a-barock is how i’m livin’ online
on a webisode like let’s go let ’em know
that i put up the footage that i’m takin’ your shine
wanna see the real chain look in your mind
your brain look like your lil wayne brotha
overgrow, overload, broken zone
n-gg-s playing games in the hood they got you stuck-up
playa thinkin’ that its cool to be a pimp still
we gon’ set it free like a fish in a pimp hill
take this home, rearrange it, change it
danger, sway-zer, lupe laser. pow!