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letra de lately – felonious


[verse 1: felonious]
lately i been thinking about this lady that i met back in the day we had a job together
crazy i was nice with her
i remember thinking she was cute
the kind of cute that wasn’t right for my suite
you know why?
because had a girlfriend and that was that
i probably had it like that but never had it like that
that wasn’t the point, see
let me explain
subconscious bonds formed
the real friendship is made
she had a man too and that made it safe
because she ain’t trying to be a sneak
and i ain’t down to be a snake, so
whenever innocently [?]
and what i didn’t know then i suddenly got to know
now what we live together
d-mn near common law
and what we got is organic because it’s real and it’s raw
and when it’s wrong it’s alright
and a’okay when it’s right
finally a common bond between truth and light
it’s deep love
my bride to be

lately i’ve been thinking, baby
maybe, lady you mean to something to me
(phenomenal one, phenomenally)
lately i’ve been thinking, baby
maybe, lady you mean to something to me
[verse 2: felonious]
i woke up empty, lady
just to find some tender skin that i could call my baby
then you approached so fine
made me look 3 times
first the first
second thought
then my love went blind
long walks, spring nights
i got to hold you hand
first kiss, held tight
i knew i was your man
and you so right just for me
can’t let you go, gotta let you know
that diamond in my scenario
i love my life and the way we lie
when i’m by your side
deep inside your eyes
[?]stopping time
i’m losing my mind so take the rest of me
what you got, girl? i’m giving the very best of me
the kind of love that [?] for centuries
i think about you it’s like a symphony
you took a left but you always center me
i think this is the moment where we start our family


recently a memory of your energy came to me
effortlessly in a dream that may never ever be
but inevitably your melody is telling me
every day, hold on have faith in me
so, you can go to school
but, baby be cool
you can learn the rules
but there’s something you already knew
and i don’t think you know me the way that you think you do
i got patience about all the struggles that we been through
but lately i’ve been thinking
maybe we were never meant to be
because i don’t think i was meant to be born with telepathy
i can read your mind
can’t believe you’re gonna leave behind
without a piece of mind
baby i hope not
look at what we both got
its my reflection and your eyes [?] so hot
we can wait forever but why?
let’s go now
let’s go (x3)