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letra de melodic tech house - dropgun samples


[verse 1]
i like the way it feels with your eyes on me
it gets hard to conceal that i’m falling deep
i like the way it feels with your hands on me, on me
so don’t stop, just keep it coming
i like the way that you’re talking
i can hear heaven is calling
stay with me till the mornin’

[chorus 1]
’cause when you touch me, it’s ecstasy
and i come to life with your hands on me
don’t wake me if it’s just a dream
i wanna live in your fantasy

[verse 2]
everytime we get cold
oh, i can’t say no
and everytime that we touch
it’s almost too much

[pre-chorus 2]
i got a fever, i’m burning
you feel the heat, i’m burning up
i got a fever, i’m burning up
to your love
[chorus 2]
and i never felt this way before
i’ll check my pulse, i don’t need the cure
just let me lie here on the floor
if your l-st gonna k!ll me, i still want more

[verse 3]
i’m maybe young [?]
there’s nothing [?] i don’t see
this isn’t my first time loving a liar
oh, playing with fire
so don’t pretend that you’re not what you think think you are
i know your type, know your lie
all these breaking hearts
seen the cards that you played
call a spade a spade

[chorus 3]
cause your kiss is sweet but it’s k!lling me
should have never picked from your poison tree
and i know your tricks
yeah, i fall for it
like i never learnt
yes, i like to get burnt

[verse 4]
i thought i was doing okay
god, how did i end up this way?
think i’m getting used to this pain
and i only got myself to blame
[pre-chorus 4]
and i’m falling down
what a way to go

[chorus 4]
no one can save me now
oh, i’m falling down
there’s nothing you can say to me
oh, you can’t see me now
leave me on the ground
there’s no one who can change me

[verse 5]
i’m falling deep and it’s obvious
it’s not like me to fall like this
i’ve gone weak and it’s just one kiss

[pre-chorus 5]
and i know it’s over now
yeah, you know it’s over now

[chorus 5]
baby, just take me
i wanna make me your own
when you say my name like that
there’s no turning back
[verse 6]
i’ve been wanting so long
and i’ve been living so wrong
been rolling the dice
now i’m thinking twice
oh no, what have i’ve done
i’ve let down everyone
let it get so far
lead me to the water

[chorus 6]
so wash my sins away
make me clean away
hold my hand and lead me to the ocean
take me to the ocean
notta start again

[verse 7]
running into your forest fire
walking on your razor wire
swear i’m fine but i’m alive
and you don’t even know my name
how am i most drawn to your frame?
pure destruction, sweet is pain

[chorus 7]
and this is what it feels like
breaking from the inside
your l-st like a sharp knife
oh, this is how it feels like
just start this and [?]
until i end in your eye
i’m dying on the inside
oh, this is how it feels like

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