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letra de roger that - capdude


uh we’re gonna have a problem here
someone knocked water on the servers and now the whole country’s out
so we’re gonna have a problem

[verse 1]
you may have heard people diss
enemys or even political figures
but you ain’t heard someone roast an internet provider and dig them a grave
deeper then the ringer
but what’s a fellow to do when he’s outta school the nets down and he wanna f-ckin rap a tune
i’m boutta abuse you with words and use you to cop herds of nerds
and giving views
to learn why the rodger dodger
ain’t so pogger any longer
a provider with problems that linger longer then the scent from your bullsh-t you won’t ponder your a goner
pull the gun back to the back and shoot it
explode your sales like a nuke hit it
but not in the way you want
destroy the plant forget your aunt she’ll switch to bell to taunt this company built off scams like h-ll got plees to feed the need for consumer safety and greed
but then it cuts out for days connection is weak (uh i can’t fix this) like the start of the week no time to think they fixed the sh-t but ruined it
what the f-ck i thought this was on f-cking fleek
[verse 2]
roger this roger that get it up fix it back then attack the customers who switch back to the cr-p they had cause it works better then your wack ass
ads are a cringe track blackmail ain’t gonna make me feel sad your bad deals had none of us grabbing at it like dang kababit a chance you had it but you missed the target and hit it back to the wall a far miss
but a hard hit to the d-ck when you f-cked up learn a bit maybe don’t take a hit if you can’t handle it (ahh its on fire) leave it to the bigs
i mean you are the big but for a company with so much money you certainly do a lotta funny business and sh-t wouldn’t call you scam artists
but thats just ridiculous
and to think imma use you to upload my diss
and text my clique
i mean
switching ain’t so hard
most reliable internet provider
said like an idiot with an ass tighter then a fire fighter
but you won’t get fired lighter
wheres the human rights issues like nestle network won’t buy it either
hey boys we got a cryer
don’t want money?
well stop scamming we all know you own fido
why though
you own everything
which is why you mess up everything
clueless when it goes down
oh sh-t not this again now
man oh h-ll
h-ll d-mn
rogers down like a gentleman
b-tch please
cry louder
let’s hear what this p-ssy thinks about credits for time hurt
get ur game up i ain’t gonna help you
i would rather use bell just to spite you
connection cables
feeling fable?
you can’t run the sh-t you f-cking made though
not surprised rogers don’t work in a cave though
crippled using a cane though in toronto
thanks carl but i should call you arold cause arold you do is let down arold us
down s o we put up a big fuss but you give 3 credits to us
what f-cks a credit gonna do
can’t transform into mother f-cking food
what’s it gonna do bring tissues i’m havin issues with my internet provider being a b-tch too
[verse 3]
wow wow
you wanna f-cking sue me
but can’t cause i’ll get defended like glue beats
and i use these tunes as a rule for myself to combat whos
so who beats the king of the new beats
i turn heat up you turn me down you let us up then let us down (carl its burning)
like my alter ego kinda sh-t mr let down hates you and hates rogers too b-tch
shut the f-ck up mother f-cka
refund all my money or get dissed buddy
so i guess you get dissed buddy cause thats funny you cause dissed yourself
when you hid the dummy
whats wrong carl you embarrassed
you got family issues that spread to your parents
and use yahoo cause google don’t want none ya your business

oh one more thing
down detector with rogers shows all the issues you’re dodging
its down more then its up
its f-cked how its reliable but never up
save the drama
cause you don’t give a f-ck
(ah f-ck it we’ll just give them credits)