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12 summers - blade brown


[verse 1]
i be chilling on rodeo, courtesy of the yayo
ask around, they’ll tell you i’m on my j’o
all my workers h-t six figures
this is green ace, take a sip n-gg-
and free my n-gg- west, that’s a lit n-gg-
and free my n-gg-s aiming for the hit n-gg-
you think i gotta pay for a hit n-gg-? (nah n-gg-)
my young boys be asking me like, ‘which n-gg-?’
apply the pressure till the brick broke
throw that work up in the bowl and watch that brick soak
don’t mix the 10’s wit the 20’s, we don’t mix notes
and i’m a real plug, i never leave my strip broke
started on a peddle bike, tryna get my chedder right
now its maddison m white, mcgregor fight!
jacket on me like a zed of white
and all my n-gg-s loyal cos i fed ’em right
i had these n-gg-s bosses, never paid wages
ever bag a whole brick? i swear it takes ages
throw that work up in the bowl until that flake changes
i be juggin’ through the city like i ain’t famous
with songs beating on the radio, the same time in the trap
working on the ratio! with so much bouj up in the room
they say are you done soon, cos they couldn’t take the fumes…

counting money till i sleep
won’t stop till all of my n-gg-s eat
ordering a phillipe
audemars haffi leap!

chanel runners, i been lit for 12 summers
only ask if its big business and jail numbers
louboutin that i’m rocking come in like 12 hunna
the line is banging, i swear i need me like 12 runners!

[verse 2]
911 through beverly, nothing like these celebrities
got it from trappin’, not talking all on the melody
skelly cost about 70, courtesy of my felonies (trust)
imma be jugging till the day that they bury me
and you can catch me in the hood, block party
next week, in florida, yacht party
rollies and audemars, not cartie’s!
n-gg-s bussin that dead watch, thats not cl-ss b
trident running through my yard, looking for the jackpot
what the f-ck, you think i up live in my trap spot?
thought they’d find a couple bricks and a crack pot
i think everyone’s talkin’, i swear the traps hot
the games changed, these n-gg-s strange
they dont wanna ride birds, they just saying names
president of the trap, when you say my name
i came in with principles, imma stay the same

counting money till i sleep
won’t stop till all of my n-gg-s eat
ordering a phillipe
audemars haffi leap!