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letra de voices in the dark - attackhead


now i lay me down to sleep
i pray the lord my soul to keep
if i die before i wake
i pray the lord my soul to take

no one can protect you now
can’t be real you question how
world of darkness, world of fear
lost in your sences, satan’s near

voices in the dark

cries of sorrow, cries of pain
razor sharp needles pierce your brain
mounds of bodies, lakes of blood
putrid stench from the boiling mud
pealing flesh from across your back
weakened state the demons attack
feel the blood drip down your spine
pray to god for the last time

voices in the dark

god won’t help you, he don’t care
life long servant, this isn’t fair
cannot hide you wicked ways
in dark shadows conscience stays
this is a nightmare, hope you wake
your f-cked up soul is mine to take
as you let go your last breath
legions of the dark celebrate your death

voices in the dark