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letra de intro - ameer vann


mr. (?) can we bring him in
well uhh technically speaking the procedure (?)
and since (?)

[verse:ameer vann]
sittin back on the (?)
petal to the metal never looking back
since the rubber hit the track
(?) platinum track
pockets running low from the racks
tommy’s never hungry in the back
wood stay fat
since tenth grade they been saying i was crazy
mama say i’m lazy
eyes pressed to the heavens always start gazing
ima start waiting
to impress these corporate motherf-ckers
f-ck that, f-ck all you mother f-ckers
giggle gang (?) ain’t no one above us
never holding back with all the courage you could muster
you a busta, you a lame
screaming bout the game that you run
all this cocaine that you run
k!lling myself with all this pain in my lungs
27s on a run, 27s when i’m done
prolly off myself, with kurt cobains gun
listen to the tape see what all the pains done
cut and run,pretend the pains done
getting the same scar, shooting the same gun
i’m been the same one like ne-yo
(?) dip like frito lay
(?) lost some homies on the way
me and kevin made a song about the waves
and the waves that sh-t done changed
p-ssed off the plane, never songed again
staring at this picture wish that he could walk up out the frame
sh-t will never be the same again

[outro:ameer vann]
i’m just tryna
i’m just, i’m just tryna
i’m just,f-ck it