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letra de who’s ya daddy – necro

yo its necro the s*xorcist, the p*rn king, show me your breasteses, im the best there is the foul sh*t, bounce with me, degrading, depraving, debouchery, your naked on the couch with me. b*tch getting f*cked in your *ss thru your fishnets. cutting queefs, your bound to eat sh*t next. a t*t fest, i’m f*cking dumb blondes til my d*ck is numb hoe lick the sc*m sticking a gun in your c*nt for fun. fakin making believe im raping you choking you makes you c*m. its edge play, be careful, f*ck around and murder you by mistake and leave you dead in the bed slayed. not my intentions. you’ll lick pr*ck til your lips rip the hips split in your cryptic. explicit, s*d*stic, innuendos sl*ts in the windows bimbos dipped in timbos. short black leather skirts, stomach tattoo, glitter panties s*xy belt had to have you. ridiculous p*ssy lips i predicted you be addicted to my d*ck once you lick it. bent you over backwards upside down reverse is more perverse f*cked on the floor first. to a raw verse rippin your clothes off blow my nose off on your hair then i doze off.

(chorus x2)
what’s your name (whats your name)(the s*xorcist)
who’s ya daddy? (who’s ya daddy?)(necro)
be real, is he rich like me?
has he taken, anytime (anytime),to show, to show you what you need

the raunchiest, flaunt your t*ts. im the h*rn**st fornicating, torturing cl*ts a p*rn genius. with a long p*n*s diggin’ up your organs jiggin you, stabbing you, friggin you, im to big for you. you got a tight sphincter, you need one in the pink and one in the stink, till liquid magentas drippin’ outta your *ss ill c*m in your drink. p*ss in your face spit in your mouth f*ck what you think. sh*t on your blouse, then kick you outta my house naked and sl*t take it that’s what initiations about. an official occasion to go all out, f*ck a b*tch in the *ss ’til her colon falls out. rubbin’ oil all over you fat round *ss, smack it, abuse it, lick it,then pound it fast. stick it continuously when i get in you i strenuously pin you to the floor and generously f*ck your g spot rapidly, happily, dapily to the boombapity beat. the s*xorcist, the next to blitz and blow up some b*tch go get your hair fixed prepare your lips. for f*ll*t** you sp*cey hoe, the ratio of your brain to if usable is way too low your made to blow you’re a delicious nutritious dish of fish an official b*tch.

- letras de necro