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letra de marilyn hanson – hank green

did you ever wanna go to go back where we were before?
spend that pound how were tonight
from monday i’m on your dads door
and i stake tonight, spread a good sign
chuk truck in the back line
there were maybe not the first time,
swear i’ve have my worst and i wouldn’t go with trade those memory
stay all those ‘clock and be in the sand and dancing
and memory messing, and i know that, that doesn’t make either a bit of sense
that was a crack that beautiful congree
yes we didn’t fit, we didn’t care
that feel it’s win me and tell me well
didn’t matter, it didn’t matter to anyone but ourselves
and of course we drift apart
maybe we lose touch, we know we’re not together
it’s matter just as much
cuz when you said i was ok, i believed it in a new way
and as the sun rise on that dust keep catch you
we were still on the way
you have nothing against me
but you gave it all and it’s the same dance and dancing
and you marilyn hanson and i know that doesn’t make either a bit of sense
and i was to the point that losing and can’t get it instead
and we didn’t want to, those feelings to me
and everything i do it didn’t maters
it didn’t matter to anyone but ourselves

- letras de hank green