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letra de made in germany – ahead to the sea

little jimmy got a car, a girl, a house of their own
while the clouds came for the sun and an order by the phone
and they called him to the army, gave a weapon in his hand
“put the stones out of the fire for your american friend!”

his mother in the tv room wanted to see some bl**dy heads
but the army censored the pictures of the 1000 civil deads
soon it was too boring for her, she grabbed the programme with a sigh
now she watches american soaps through the whole f*ckin’ night

his father’s a well respected man, he’s the boss of a company
producing bombs ‘n’ tanks ‘n’ guns and send them straight to the enemy
his government turns a blind eye, never asked any question
cause some love money more than these annoying sanctions

little jimmy comes to ask what he’s really fighting for
while the world believes a murderer “it’s a clean high tech war!”
he did recognize his lie, but too late the enemy
and he died by a weapon which was made in germany

and he died by a weapon which was made in germany

- letras de ahead to the sea