letra de fuck up the fun – azealia banks

f*ck up the fun

tell him to keep that
yeah just play the track stop cuttin it off
and lemme-lemme pop my sh*t
it is what it is hehe
f*ck is ya’ll n*gg*s doing?
you ready b*tch?
what up what up whatup?
yo yo yo yo!

who want it? who-who want it?
which n*gg* little goon is gettin stewed with a onion?
n*gg*s all cute til the roogs in abundance
and ya dude get to running with the womb in his stomach

b*tch n*gg*, b*tch get ya n*gg*
all these n*gg*s just a little food for the dinner
and these n*gg*s better tuck in their little jewels when i enter
cause your b*tch hot n*gg* finna f*ck up the fun
don’t f*ck with your b*tch when the rum in her punch
i might dance on these n*gg*s but the gun in the b*tt
the gold jimmy’s little mirror little stun in the clutch
and don’t slip up little n*gg*, ‘fore the stun in your nuts

yo’ dude bout to f*ck up your trust
he gonna run when i hit ya, put you under the pump
you gonna run with your n*gg*, now you closer enough
to shoot once in the throat leave ya both in a slump (huh)

go head go head n*gg* pop off
you can get your fam and your man’s and them shot off
i’m a get the ams for ya and blow your top off
sh*t funny til the gun in your face
you better run with your n*gg*, better open the safe
you better come up with the money better show up the weight
i’m gonna come with gorillas cause i run with the apes
and put shots in your b*tt like you wanted the cake

most of ya’ll n*gg*s is f*cking p*ss*es out here
like i’ll slap all ya’ll n*gg*s in the face
all in the mouth and all in the sh*t
like where ya’ll n*gg*’s be comin from?
ya’ll n*gg*s is not [?]

ok ok ok ok
b*tches better quit that chat
these b*tches better hold up with the yizzap-yap
i grips the 5th then click-clizzack clack
i hate to have to blow your little wig all back
i mean i hate to see you with your wig off b*tch
i see you tryna come and get on b*tch
you gonna trip, slip, fall land and lick on d*ck
it be the same n*gg* bout to come and lick on this

scram hit the breeze
you a fan b*tch please
don’t sit up in my presence of ya lil bambin
don’t get it at ya residence and get it so clean
cause i’m slicker with the evidence and b*tches won’t speak
and we can freak with your man this week
bad b*tches, you a nickel and your p*ssy game weak
i’m fickle and my p*ssy named peach
i can disappear and let the p*ssy game speak
let the p*ssy game speak
n*gg*’s know the center of the p*ssy stay pink
all these b*tches better keep it going light feet
‘fore i reach and that thing go brrrrrrrrraaaaahhhhh!

f*ck outta here ya’ll little internet *ss b*tches
like i really do this
like n*gg*’s is in tokyo right now
like come on ya’ll b*tches is still on mysp*ce and youtube tryna get ya’ll little video views up to a million
like come on ya’ll b*tches ain’t f*cking with me
like what kind amoney is ya’ll b*tches really even getting for shows
like is ya’ll b*tches even doing shows?
like come on like. like come on, like ya’ll b*tches is out here tryna like f*ck these little rap n*gg*s and f*ck these little basketball players and sh*t
like i’m getting this money for real for real for real
come on now

- letras de azealia banks