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letra de dedicated to the trife – necro

check this hustler sh*t out
this is for all you f*cking gangster n*gg*s out there.
there aaaaaall dedicated to the trife sh*t

this is for the kids on the corners with beepers and bangers
and loading shirts of hangers loot and templeton boots
honeys that want to go clubbing or should i say ‘rubbing’
up against mack daddies that drive black caddies
and white continentals grasping my instrumentals
trunks, filled with blasting instruments like ‘biscuits’
bmw dripping my hoodlum stack will trouble you
if you don’t let them hustle you, they’ll snuff you
cops will cuff you for no reason
heard it’s a open season
your man’s committing treezing cuz your girl is skeezing
this is for the hard rocks that pack glocks
swinging balleries and socks eating bakeries and locks
for n*gg*s that box and hit the bag so you’ll a-phone in herringbones
rains with hard stones hones and weapons galore
left a double bladed knife inside my pocket
this is dedicated to the trife

dedi-cated to the trife
dedicated to the trife kid
i’m s*xing your wife kid
put the trife on
this is dedicated to the trife with the butcher knife

dedi-cated to the f*cking trife
dedicated to the trife, kid
i’m s*xing your wife kid
put the trife on
this is dedicated to the trife with the butcher knife for the trife

for the girls with big b*tts and kids with big guts
and hearts and honeys that dress up friday night to meet me
and treat me with respect. i’m kicking this mind of crime
and kids that sell dimes but don’t drop em’
for bugs that rot, shot the thugs that got pistols for sale
selling more pistols than gale
though guys that snuff guys for looking
get arrested and turn the whole night into booking
from brooklyn to manhattan
to sheldon to strong island
violently i get f*cking greens
fill the head with cash and flip hash
and got a stash of loot that’s trife
god bless your life


- letras de necro