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letra de d.r.u.g.s – iggy azalea

(feat. yg)

tire marks, tire marks, finish line with the fire marks
when it really starts i’m a runaway slave-master
sh*ttin’ on the past gotta spit it like a pastor
after, basher, did like doe like dasher, faster-motorbike faster
iggy gotta get a b*tch watch for my rapture
white b*tch go, ’bout to blow like the wind
penthouse too roof top at the wind
when i win, when i win i win, no when i wid ’em they good like shin
got hoes on call, got hoes on call to come through take a pro-to-call
just damagin’ that’s my protocol
dismantle ya, australians on slauson, no camera, i don’t care who you are
no coming back gotta give it to you raw,
pitchfork point better p*ss me the joint
gotta twist this beat i’ma sprang my joint
straight crack rock, go to the pop-pop
pumo jiggy rap city, no tiggy – yeah shorty do illa’ i’m raw no digga’
what’s my m*th*f*ckin’ name it’s iggy not jiggy
don’t compare me to her, throw the b*tch in the ditch
ruff ruff ho, could da b*tch i’m big,
sewed the game up stapled up in a st*tch
click-click pow drops game my click,
look at my heels lv on it, ignorant art, everybody on it
everybody want it, 666 got a three car garage driveway be the omen,
boss like cowen?
hate me, chordz 3d can’t see me,
packets better than a h3, i don’t see you like mace-me, ugh
d.r.u.g.s – click oh and we on – hater
on these hoes hairs no activator, wh*r*s f*ck up when he activate-her
cuz i’m goin’ out with my hand raised
’bout to smack, smack, smack till my hand cave,
on the b*tch may, honey i’m paid, i’ma get laid f*ck yer man cave
ya act like ya girl b-real, (ta’sun)
kinda sp*ced-out you b*tches be duckin’
better than ya girl, than the best, make the compet*tion rest
unless it’s s*x no less, i’ma f*ck a hoe game i’m best
with my strap on, my vibrator, ’bout to bust-a-rhyme, no violator
course no, i’ma feel myself,
i’m a masturbator like uh uh uh uh-f*ck me, f*ck me
now i’m off beat, my head hurts, i murk sh*t, i gets paper
wash my mouth, i curse like a sailor – b*tch!

- letras de iggy azalea