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letra de another public service announcement – d12

another public service announcement

[b*ss brother]
this is another
public service announcement
brought to you in part…


[rondell beene]
this thing on?
good good h*ll yea
look, im speaking on behalf of d12
and if you get affended by words like
fudge packer
cl*t eater
all that sh*t like that
then you should turn this sh*t off right now
cuz thats just some of the sh*t
no thats the only sh*t you gonna hear on this alb*m
its not that they dont have creativity
or some sh*t like that, that aint the case
we just like sayin sh*t like that, just to f*ck with you
hey! i told you to hold him down, now hes running
f*ck it [bang]
god d*mnit if you would have just stayed still
nothing would have happened to you
just goes to show you, if you f*ck with us
sh*t can happen… b*tch

- letras de d12