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letra de a1 – nre quan

my n*gg*s a1
all my n*gg*s a1

all my n*gg*s a1 (x4)

(verse 1)
my n*gg*s a1
ever since day one
yes my n*gg*s the realest
and y’all n*gg*s the fake ones

my n*gg*s we excellent
that is our ref-er-ence
you n*gg*s is diffident
while my n*gg*s are diff-er-ent


(verse 2)
a1 with the swag
a1 with the slab
a1 with the stack
a1 that’s a fact

it’s verified
this ads will make you terrified
i’m praising god because he is glorified
so much fied all up in the rhymes that’s rhymified


- letras de nre quan